DMV Operation + Donor Registration

MTS owns and operates three St. Louis-area DMVs — a unique role that lets us educate the community about organ and tissue donation, increase the number of people who enroll on the state donor registry, and save more lives.

Innovating to Save Lives. MTS operates three ST. Louis area DMVs: Chesterfield, Maplewood and Northside.

Licensing Transactions to
Lifesaving Transactions

While it may seem unconventional for an organ and tissue recovery agency to own and operate license offices, we see every transaction as a valuable opportunity to educate our community about organ and tissue donation and potentially save a life.

Registration Matters

When we approach a family for donation, we are far more likely to get consent if their loved one joined the registry while living.

Registration Matters

DMVs are Crucial

of people on the Missouri donor registry joined at a DMV; without these offices, many lifesaving transplants would not have been possible
of visitors to MTS-owned DMVs say “yes” to joining the donor registry — a rate 10% higher than the state average
of MTS donors in 2014 were enrolled on the state donor registry

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We want to make sure every DMV customer is informed about organ and tissue donation, even if they don't make the decision that day. We want our visitors to go home and have a conversation with friends or family about what it really means to become a donor.

Angela Schlansker

Director, Human Resources and DMV Operations at MTS

A Better DMV Experience
Small gestures like maintaining eye contact and an overall friendly demeanor make every transaction a more pleasant experience than customers might expect at a DMV.

A better DMV Experience

Changes in DMV operation have significantly improved customer satisfaction. This attracts more people to our offices and gives us the opportunity to register more donors.

Top-Ranked Customer Service

average customer satisfaction rate at MTS-operated DMVs

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By improving the overall DMV experience, we can get more people in the door, and get more people registered as organ and tissue donors to ultimately save more lives.

Angela Schlansker

Director, Human Resources and DMV Operations at MTS

At MTS, it all starts with people. We hire employees who have customer service experience and a passion for our mission. Clerks are trained to invite every customer to join the registry, and are prepared to answer common questions and dispel cultural myths about what it means to be a donor. We also review each employee’s individual registry rate to create a level of accountability.

DMVs are known for long lines, but our offices use technology to take waiting out of the equation. Customers can visit to sign up for appointments or hold a place in line, then receive text message alerts about their appointment status.
Donors Registered, Lives Saved
Education and friendly service help us register more donors and save more lives.

Donors Registered, Lives Saved

As the owner and operator of three DMV offices, MTS has achieved record organ donor enrollment rates — an important innovation in the donor registration process that has helped us save more lives through organ and tissue donation.

I love it when customers think they aren’t eligible to join the donor registry, and we teach them that they actually can be a hero and save lives.

Lisa Longwell

Manager, Chesterfield License Office

increase in Donor Registry

Increase in Donor Registry at MTS DMVs

Meet the Recipients

DMV ownership allows us to register more donors and save more lives in the communities we serve.

Registering More Donors

people have signed up to be a donor at an MTS DMV

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When a customer joins the donor registry, we celebrate their decision on the spot by adding their name to our growing Wall of Heroes. This builds a sense of pride in their donor status, and encourages other customers to sign up, too.

MTS operates the Maplewood, Chesterfield, and Northside license offices. To make an appointment at one of these offices, visit